Use mHealth to Overcome Daily Schedule Challenges

Physician talking with patient.

Every physician has experienced scheduling challenges in their practice, ranging from patient no-shows to internal staffing issues. It’s especially challenging for physicians in surgery centers when a procedure has to be rescheduled because a patient didn’t follow pre-op instructions.

Scheduling issues can lead to a significant cost burden on any practice and can also harm the relationship between patient and provider, which is an essential element in any healthy practice.

So, what’s the best way to overcome these problems? Many studies find that the key is clear communication between physicians and patients. By nurturing relationships with patients, physicians can improve satisfaction and compliance scores.

But who has time for even more communication? Perhaps the answer is better communication. The mHealth wave is bringing the healthcare industry new applications to help with scheduling, compliance and other issues.

mHealth apps are being created by a wide range of people, including patients, payors and providers. As such, we’re seeing a dramatic increase in the marketplace. In fact, digital health funding reached $2.3B in the first half of 2014 alone.

mHealth applications can help physicians communicate with a patient after they leave the office. A well designed app is easy to use, automated and can help ensure patients will be ready for their next visit, minimizing no-shows or cancellations.

Physicians who use mHealth applications like Smart Clinic can:

  • Develop better relationships with their patients and improve satisfaction
  • Use automated systems to ensure patients are compliant, while also reducing costs
  • Ensure patients have easy access to educational information, personal records and easy digital access to their clinics.


Smart Clinic provides a simple, inexpensive method of tracking patient compliance and can enhance patient care and communication within your organization. Schedule a live demo today!

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