What Our Customers Say About Smart Clinic

Smart Clinic Releases Version 2.0 of mHealth AppWe are excited to share some recent testimonials from physicians who’ve used the Smart Clinic app in their practice. Some of the things we keep hearing over and over include:

  • Easy to use for both patients and providers
  • Adaptable for any practice
  • Enhances patient engagement, compliance and satisfaction
  • Streamlines back office workflow.


“Thanks so much for the completion and implementation of our GI app! The functionality and ease of use should truly assist us in our efforts to drive better health care through social media contacts. The patient’s care and back office functions will be enhanced by easy instructions, less phone calls and access to our fairly extensive web services. Thanks again for bringing innovation to the GI world!” – REED B. HOGAN II, MD


“There are a lot of barriers to success of colorectal cancer screening, and one of the main ones is ensuring that the preparation is adequate … and everyone knows that the worst part of colonoscopy is taking the prep. Anything you can do to encourage patients to complete the prep, and perhaps enjoy doing it a little more than they generally do with the use of an app, I think that’s an ingenious approach that will improve the quality of colorectal cancer screening,” – LARRY FRIEDMAN, MD


“The app has been a great marketing tool for our practice. But unlike a TV commercial or a billboard ad, this app actually benefits patients.” – RON KOTFILA, MD


“I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from my patients who have tried the app. They really like the convenience of having all their instructions in the palm of their hand.” – JOSEPH DAVID, MD


“Every clinician knows that ensuring patient compliance is one of our most difficult tasks. This ADH colon prep app explains the process in an easy to understand, interactive process. The patient benefits as well as the physician with better patient understanding and better preps which means better visualization of the colon with more lesions found and removed.” – BARBARA MACCOLLUM, MD

Smart Clinic is a HIPAA-compliant mHealth application that enhances patient engagement, satisfaction and compliance. Learn how physicians can “mobilize the patient experience” and schedule your live demo today!

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