What Is Smart Clinic?
Smart Clinic is a physician office controlled and directed communication tool that allows effective and confirmable two-way communication with that clinic’s patients on their mobile device. It can be used by the patient for one clinic, or for as many physicians as each patient has, thereby serving as a unified smart phone application that can function as a single source patients use to communicate and receive messages from all of their physicians, dentists and other health professionals.

It is designed as a cost-saving, simple to use and effective supplement to the normal workflow in any physician’s office, independent of their practice style, EMR or familiarity with technology. It does not serve as a mobile EMR or a light version of an EMR.

What Does Smart Clinic Do?
•    Appointment reminders by app notification, text or email.
•    Procedure instructions by app notification with steps automatically populated in your phone’s calendar.
•    Confirmation of certain steps in the prep process sent to your office for quality assurance and compliance.
•    Post-visit patient satisfaction survey, available as an aggregate report for your office quality improvement.
•    Marketing for your practice.
•    Practice-specific information already in the app (diet, videos, audio function, etc.).

Who In The Physician’s Office Will Use Smart Clinic?
It is to be primarily used by medical assistants in the normal course of communication with the clinic’s patients, but of course can be used directly by physicians to save back-and-forth communications with their medical assistant.

How Does Smart Clinic Cut My Overhead?
• Replaces ineffective phone reminder system with very affordable system that does much more than just remind people of appointments.
• Cuts work time of your medical assistant by avoiding time spent on hold, tracking down patients at multiple phone numbers and playing phone tag.
• Appointment and procedure reminder modules through app notifications, text messages, or email can replace your current often ineffective phone call reminder system for all of your patients with a smart phone.

The goal of Smart Clinic is to cut overhead and replace the way the physician and medical assistant are currently performing patient communication
functions with a more efficient, more trackable, more accurate, and enhanced way to perform that task.

How Does Smart Clinic Improve Patient Satisfaction?
Easy-to-use communication device, directed by the clinic, simple for the patient, leveraging mobile technology to improve compliance and measure that outcome.

How Does Smart Clinic Help Your Practice Prove Value?
Reports can be printed which show prep compliance, medication compliance, and appointment compliance.
When a physician is selected in Smart Clinic by the patient, the practice branding and logo as well as other information appear to improve and reinforce practice identity and improve patient loyalty.

How Safe Is My Personal Health Information?
Your privacy is extremely important to Smart Clnic. Smart Clinic has successfully completed an exhaustive HIPAA risk analysis and maintains compliance in all areas. In addition, Smart Clinic utilizes Firehost secure cloud hosting, ClearData healthcare compliant services, and Vericode for application security.
If you have lost your cell phone and are concerned about your personal health information contact: