Smart Clinic Features

Everything you need to enhance the patient engagement experience


Procedure Prep Protocols
Step-by-step instructions with automated push notifications contributing to documented improvements in clinical results and reduced cancellations or reschedules

Treatment Instructions
Patients have access to tips, professional preparation videos and photos that assist them with clearly understanding and preparing for their specific procedures

Clinical Surveys
Clinical surveys can be sent to a patient’s smartphone following appointments and procedures

Appointment Reminders
Push notifications with confirmation of upcoming appointments and procedures improve back-office workflow

Compliance Tracking
Tracks patients’ compliance with physician designated specific steps of pre-procedure preps, medications and treatment instructions


Trusted by the Best

Smart Clinic is the official patient engagement application of the American College of Gastroenterology

“Thanks so much for the completion and implementation of our GI app! The functionality and ease of use should truly assist us in our efforts to drive better health care through social media contacts. The patient’s care and back office functions will be enhanced by easy instructions, less phone calls and access to our fairly extensive web services. Thanks again for bringing innovation to the GI world!”

Reed B. Hogan II, MD

“Every clinician knows that ensuring patient compliance is one of our most difficult tasks. This ADH colon prep app explains the process in an easy to understand, interactive process. The patient benefits as well as the physician with better patient understanding and better preps which means better visualization of the colon with more lesions found and removed.”

Barbara Maccollum, MD


The Team

Meet the Smart Clinic team.

Paul Berggreen, MD

Paul Berggreen, MD graduated from LSU medical school in New Orleans in 1988 and completed his postgraduate training in Phoenix. He has been in private practice since 1993. He led the formation of Arizona Endoscopy Center in 1999 and has served as its medical director since. He functioned as director of the Good Samaritan gastroenterology fellowship program from 1998-2013. In 2007, he led the formation of Arizona Digestive Health, now one of the largest gastroenterology groups in the US, and still serves as its president.

Robert Backie

Robert is passionate about positively using technology to improve our healthcare and way of life. Robert also serves as Chairman of the Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC), Member of the Arizona Telemedicine Council and has led multiple startups focused on Internet and communication technology.

Jim Taggart
General Manager

Jim Taggart is an accomplished operations expert. He has led 130+ person organizations with a $45M P&L responsibility in mega corporations such as Honeywell, Inc. as well as startup companies with only a few employees – helping them grow from near zero to over $1M in annual orders in under two years. Jim’s exceptional business savvy and fiscal responsibility, ability to bring new products to market, customer relationship management, and knack for adapting appropriate processes into businesses of all sizes brings a unique and valuable blend of experience to Smart Clinic’s General Management position.


Charmaine Berggreen
Vice President

Charmaine Berggreen graduated from LSU school of nursing in New Orleans and earned her Master’s of Science in Nursing from Arizona State in 1994. Her background is critical care nursing, achieving CCRN certification in 1990. She has been an ACLS Instructor since 1994 and a Clinical Education Consultant for a trauma critical care unit for the last 17 years. She brings a career of healthcare communication and organizational expertise to the Smart Clinic team.

Nilay Kavathia
Physician Advisor

Nilay was born and raised in the Phoenix area and is now a practicing gastroenterologist in Mesa Arizona. He graduated from the University of Arizona- College of Medicine before completing his training in Internal Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. After that, he returned to Arizona for his Gastroenterology Fellowship training at Good Samaritan, where he became a mentee of Paul Berggreen. That is when they began exploring the capabilities of mobile health together and he is now excited to have joined the Smart Clinic team.

Marc Burmich
Marketing Guru

Marc is a seasoned marketer, entrepreneur, creative, business development lover, and startup advocate. Over the past sixteen years he’s been on the ground floor with multiple startups and established businesses; overseeing everything from marketing strategies and product launches to business development, branding and messaging, VC rounds and funding. He’s spent over ten years at the corporate-level directing marketing and creative teams, and fostered successful nonprofits and startups along the way.


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