September mHealth News Roundup

September mHealth newsHere at Smart Clinic we like to keep a close eye on mHealth news and trends. From the announcement of the Apple Watch to new studies on mobile adoption, we’ve already seen a few big stories this month!



  • Apple’s new watch is set for release in early 2015. More than just a watch, it can track key metrics like heartrate and body movement. Analysts predict other features like measuring sleeping and eating patterns will be introduced through software and application updates.


  • The Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) Bible was released last week by The 392-page report provides an in-depth assessment of the mHealth industry and its forecast through 2020. The key takeway? Total mHealth revenue is expected to reach $15 billion by next year.


  • ACT | The App Association sent a letter to Congress on behalf of mHealth application developers. The letter asks Congress to push the Health & Human Services Administration to developed clearer HIPAA regulations for mHealth.


  • In a related story, a study by Boston Children’s Hospital found that less than a third of mHealth applications in the iTunes and Google Play stores currently have a privacy policy.


  • A recent survey shows that over 65% of nurses are using a mobile device for professional purposes while on the job. We hope to see that number climb even more in the future!


  • The amount of time people spend on mobile apps grew 50% between 2013 and 2014. A study found that the average American spends 34 hours a month using mobile apps, or about an hour a day.


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