Compliance Through Patient Centered Medical Homes

patient centered medical homes

The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model is a model for primary care that is technology forward, patient-centered and designed for continuous improvement. It coordinates care for its patients proactively, encouraging holistic decisions between patients, their families and all of the healthcare providers.


The model rests on five pillars:


  • A patient-centered orientation- Unique to needs, culture, values and supportive of self-care efforts.


  • Comprehensive, team-based care- The right team to support individual physical and mental healthcare needs.


  • Coordinated care- Ensure all elements of care are combined with social and community resources to meet patient goals.


  • Superb access to care- More accommodating to the patientÂ’s schedule, use technology for more real-time access.


  • A systems-based approach to quality and safety- Use technology to leverage data across care, responsive optimization to patient satisfaction.


One of the most important parts of PCMH is that the primary care physician will be able to better encourage patients to be more active in their own health. It also relies heavily on technology to bridge gaps between patients, their providers and other social and community resources.


Studies of the model show that Emergency Room visits have dropped by a third and overall hospital admissions by 6%. The key to success seems to lie in the customization of the program to each community and patient.


mHealth technology is perhaps the greatest ally for PCMH programs. We think the model is a perfect fit for Smart Clinic and its inexpensive method of tracking patient compliance. Check out how it can enhance patient care and communication within your organization and schedule a live demo today!

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