Benefits of Big Data for Population Health Management

big data

Meaningful Use Stage 2 is driving a lot of technological advancements in the healthcare industry and it’s creating massive amounts of data. Much of this data comes from tools that are designed to improve patient engagement – like EHRs, mHealth apps and patient portals.


Big data is having an increasingly powerful impact on population health management efforts as technology improves and more systems are integrated together in real-time. Perhaps the fate of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) rests solely on the big data they can collect and analyze.


From predictive modeling to real-time data visualizations, the data can benefit ACOs in many ways, including:


  • Identifying patients at risk of becoming high cost – especially those suffering from one or more chronic illnesses
  • Encouraging preventative measures and interventions in real-time while patients are outside the provider’s office
  • Reducing hospital readmissions by closely monitoring transitional care and engaging social and community support services
  • Shared decision making among a patient’s health providers (like the PCMH model)
  • Reducing socioeconomic disparities in the healthcare industry
  • Reducing cost anomalies and unnecessary procedures among providers


For example, a recent study of big data at an ACO in New York found that some providers were over utilizing services. Some dermatologists were conducting biopsies on every patient they saw, even when it wasn’t necessary – driving up overall costs and staff utilization.


Analyzing all this big data will lead to the discovery of big trends in the health of our population and that can only help overall health outcomes and streamline the entire industry.


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