A New Doctor-Patient Relationship

doctor patient relationshipWe recently published a new white paper called “A New Doctor-Patient Relationship: Why mHealth Applications Will Positively Impact Trust in Healthcare

It examines what the modern doctor-patient relationship looks like and how mHealth applications like Smart Clinic can have a positive impact on this central tenet of healthcare.

Consumers have been losing faith in the industry for a long time and we think that physician developed mHealth applications can help people regain trust in their healthcare system. Other applications, especially those developed by payors with big data in mind, don’t focus on the doctor-patient relationship. This presents a barrier to improving healthcare because people are treated as numbers in predictive models and not as individuals.

For the healthcare system to improve overall, we have to use technology like mHealth to focus on its most essential piece: doctor-patient relationships. So download our white paper and let us know what you think!

And if you’d like to learn more about Smart Clinic, schedule a live demo today!


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