MyPrepSteps Adds 500 Physicians to Platform in Less Than Five Months

MyPrepSteps Adds 500 Physicians to Platform in Less Than Five Months

MyPrepSteps is now delivering cleaner colons and reducing patient anxiety in 135 clinics across the U.S.

Phoenix, AZ – In less than five months over 500 gastroenterologists from 135 clinics in 31 states have recognized the value of technology that encourages better prepared and less anxious patients on procedure day. The free service does not require EMR integration, enabling providers at large healthcare systems or smaller private practices to utilize it without having to integrate.

“Leading GI doctors recognized the value of our prep reminder service, but the difficulty of EMR integration was a roadblock for them,” said Robert Backie, Smart Clinic CEO. “We removed the need for EMR integration and built it as a FREE service. Now, doctors call signing up a ‘No-Brainer.’”

MyPrepSteps is now in use in 135 clinics in 31 states, boasting access to over 40,000 patients. While gastroenterology is the specialty of focus, other specialties have expressed interest in utilizing MyPrepSteps’ procedure prep technology for their patients.

“The response from physicians and patients has been overwhelming and speaks not only to the need for this type of procedure prep technology but also to its ease-of-use,” said Marc Burmich, Smart Clinic Marketing Guru. “With MyPrepSteps, we developed a solution that removes the uncertainty from the procedure prep process. Patients arrive less stressed and better prepared on procedure day.“

Smart Clinic and MyPrepSteps’ effectiveness continues to be validated by medical care providers, with a clinically-proven 35% improvement in patient preparation. An extraordinary industry achievement, this improvement in patient preparation has resulted in a growing number of endorsements from leading gastroenterology doctors and organizations, including the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG). ACG has selected Smart Clinic as their official patient engagement application and continues to promote the platform to their more than 13,000 members nationwide.

About Smart Clinic and MyPrepSteps
Founded in 2014 and headquartered in the Phoenix area, Smart Clinic is a physician-conceived and designed mHealth application that enables trackable patient compliance and effective, confirmable two-way communication. Smart Clinic enhances patient engagement, compliance, and satisfaction, providing patients relevant, timely and pertinent information that educates, encourages and improves the patient’s ability to manage their own health, all while streamlining back office workflow. Smart Clinic and MyPrepSteps utilize the same technology platform; one is fully-integrated into the EMR, and the other is not. For more information, visit and

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