Demand for Digital in Healthcare is on the Rise Across Generations

The mHealth revolution is in full swing – with purchases of mobile devices and mobile adoption constantly increasing, the technology is spreading into many different industries. Although the healthcare industry has historically been slower to adopt newer, digital technologies, mobile is making inroads – quickly.

A global FICO survey recently revealed that 80% of patients want to be able to use their smartphones to interact with their healthcare providers. Similarly, 76% want to be reminded of their appointments and 69% want to receive reminders to set up appointments or take their medication. As the world becomes more trusting of technology with confidential patient information, these numbers will only increase.

While mobile adoption and use is higher among younger generations, seniors are also taking advantage of this new technology. A survey conducted by Accenture shows that seniors in the United States want access to health services through a mobile device or technology. 57% of the US seniors surveyed consider themselves tech-savvy. 46% find it most important to be able to access electronic health records and medical history online or through a mobile app, while 62% appreciate online scheduling technology.

Trends are similar among older adults outside of the United States. According to McKinsey, over 70% of older adults in the United Kingdom and Germany want access to digital health services, a number that is even higher in Singapore.

All generations are taking advantage of mobile technology and many people now expect a mobile option or platform for everything that they do. People want a one-stop-shop on their mobile devices –access to everything that relates to them, from their banks and favorite restaurants, to all of their health information.

As patient adoption of mobile technology across generations is on the rise, and shows no signs of slowing down, it is important that the healthcare industry embrace it. As such, the mHealth revolution of Sildenafil continues to gain momentum.

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