3 Technology Trends in Healthcare

Technology Trends in HealthcareAdvancing technology is rapidly changing the landscape of the healthcare industry. In today’s digital world, technology will continue to have an increasingly large role in all aspects and processes of the industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular technology trends in healthcare:

1. mHealth Applications

Did you know that there are over 97,000 health-related mobile applications on the market today? According to Becker’s Hospital Review, the global mHealth market is expected to reach $20.7 billion by 2019. Adopting mHealth technology is essential to reaching today’s technology-focused population, as patients are coming to expect mobile access to their personal health information and their healthcare providers’ offices. Healthcare organizations that have already adopted the use of mHealth applications are reaping the benefits and seeing increased patient compliance, engagement and satisfaction.

2. Remote Health Monitoring

The use of mHealth applications and other systems has lead to healthcare providers’ ability to track their patients’ health remotely. This has become valuable for healthcare organizations, as it is saving them both time and money. Through mobile applications, patients can notify their healthcare providers regarding their condition following a procedure or treatment, allowing for a timely intervention, should it be necessary. Additionally, there are monitoring systems that can transmit a patient’s pacemaker data, for example, to his or her healthcare provider’s office. Remote monitoring is decreasing the amount of hospital readmissions and health-related costs.

3. Big Data

An increasing amount of healthcare data is being stored electronically, which has opened the doors for big data. This concept allows healthcare providers to analyze data and consequently determine certain patterns related to different health conditions and diseases. This source of knowledge and research, in turn, will improve treatment plans and preventative care, benefitting both the healthcare industry and future patients.

Further advancements in technology will have a great impact on the healthcare industry and how it functions. What forms of technology is your organization utilizing? Are you looking for an mHealth app that would be a good fit for your organization? We encourage you to check out Smart Clinic! Smart Clinic is an mHealth application on the cutting edge of current technology – request a live demo today!

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