Big data: Bold promise? Or the hardest part of population health, precision medicine and better patient experience?

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Leading providers are already thinking about how to transform themselves from data-driven to information-driven organizations, able to offer drastically improved patient experience akin to Amazon and Google. But it’s not easy. Seattle Children’s Chief Data Officer Eugene Kolker offered up a confession: “I’m a little bit nervous right now about what’s happening in our industry. People are moving from one … Read More

Modernizing the patient experience could boost revenue up by 16 percent, C-level execs say

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Healthcare leaders say deploying tools for analytics, self-service, order fulfillment and more, while offering individualized experiences such as precision medicine, could promise a big payoff. C-suite executives say offering a highly individualized experience to customers could ratchet up their revenue by 16 percent, according to new research. But only 20 percent of those execs polled graded their own organization’s ability … Read More