Big data: Bold promise? Or the hardest part of population health, precision medicine and better patient experience?

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Leading providers are already thinking about how to transform themselves from data-driven to information-driven organizations, able to offer drastically improved patient experience akin to Amazon and Google. But it’s not easy. Seattle Children’s Chief Data Officer Eugene Kolker offered up a confession: “I’m a little bit nervous right now about what’s happening in our industry. People are moving from one … Read More

Using Data to Unlock the Patient Experience

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The topic of big data has rocketed to stardom, often popping up as a business publication’s lead article, headlining a conference and even commandeering casual conversation. And there’s good reason for it; the collection and analysis of patient demographics, preferences and product feedback helps companies develop and communicate the value of their products and services to their end users. Just … Read More

Newton startup seeks to purge the unpleasantness from colonoscopy prep

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When Dr. Corey Siegel was doing his gastroenterology fellowship atMassachusetts General Hospital, he spotted a troubling trend: Patients were avoiding colonoscopies because the preparation ahead of the procedure was so grueling. Siegel, who now works at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and his MGH mentor, Dr. Joshua Korzenik, who is now director of Brigham and Women’s Hospital Crohn’s and Colitis Center, have … Read More

Eight patient engagement trends to watch

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Boosting patient engagement is critical as the industry shifts toward value-based payments. For payers and providers, higher engagement increases the likelihood of positive outcomes at lower costs. To determine where the industry stands when it comes to patient engagement, and what providers are doing to increase it, CDW Healthcare recently surveyed 200 patients and 200 providers. The results provide a … Read More

Mayo Clinic’s quick tips for driving patient engagement

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Operations Manager Angie Puffer reveals tactics that have worked well for Mayo. BOSTON — Angie Puffer, operations manager in the Mayo Clinic’s Office of Access Management, spoke at the Healthcare IT News Pop Health Forum 2016 and shared some of the lessons Mayo has learned in attracting those to the patient portal. Puffer said that even though they’re garnered from … Read More

Patient engagement requires trust, tools and a personal touch to succeed

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Providers must establish a respectful relationship with patients if they want to have a positive impact on behavior. Technology can help but it’s not a substitute for reaching people where they live and work. Despite all the conversation around it these past few years, the fact remains that patient engagement can be somewhat amorphous. Pinning down just what works and … Read More

The Importance of Patient Engagement and Technology in Today’s Healthcare Market

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Patient engagement has been a rapidly emerging movement and buzzword in the healthcare industry this year. There have been countless articles, blogs, studies, and educational forums dedicated to the topic. It has been labeled as the “the blockbuster drug of the century”. Some say, “The future of healthcare is being shaped largely by the patient engagement evolution.” Others have argued … Read More

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Patients’ Engagement

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Patient engagement has emerged as a key component of reducing the likelihood of an adverse outcome A 42-year-old patient arrived for her annual gynecologist appointment complaining of a self-detected breast lump. She had several questions about her condition and wanted to tell her doctor about a family history of breast cancer. The doctor was in a hurry and advised her … Read More

Technology: A key to patient satisfaction?

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Patients are the key driving force of today’s consumer-driven healthcare market. Whether it’s the caregiver one chooses from or a facility chosen from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid star ratings, patient satisfaction marks the future of this highly dynamic and competitive industry. As for health plans, apart from patient satisfaction, member satisfaction is also a key success factor … Read More

Modernizing the patient experience could boost revenue up by 16 percent, C-level execs say

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Healthcare leaders say deploying tools for analytics, self-service, order fulfillment and more, while offering individualized experiences such as precision medicine, could promise a big payoff. C-suite executives say offering a highly individualized experience to customers could ratchet up their revenue by 16 percent, according to new research. But only 20 percent of those execs polled graded their own organization’s ability … Read More