Modernizing the patient experience could boost revenue up by 16 percent, C-level execs say

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Healthcare leaders say deploying tools for analytics, self-service, order fulfillment and more, while offering individualized experiences such as precision medicine, could promise a big payoff.

C-suite executives say offering a highly individualized experience to customers could ratchet up their revenue by 16 percent, according to new research.

But only 20 percent of those execs polled graded their own organization’s ability to offer such services with an “A,” according to the study conducted by software giant Oracle and published on Tuesday.

The report said healthcare organizations could seize missed opportunities by implementing tools for self-service from a variety of devices, on-demand order fulfillment and software for a more intuitive experience to better serve the 77 percent of patients, whom they indicated want a more personalized experience.

Participating C-suite leaders also responded that they face a big financial opportunity to individualize services for internal employees by offering appropriate data analytics, collaboration software and remote network access to enable a more flexible work scenario. Read More.

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