4 Ways You Can Improve Your Patients’ Engagement

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Patient engagement has emerged as a key component of reducing the likelihood of an adverse outcome

A 42-year-old patient arrived for her annual gynecologist appointment complaining of a self-detected breast lump. She had several questions about her condition and wanted to tell her doctor about a family history of breast cancer. The doctor was in a hurry and advised her to talk to the staff, but the staff was busy with other patients and told her to call them later. The patient did not call. The gynecologist ordered a mammogram but did not include the patient’s complaint of the breast lump on the requisition. The mammogram was read as “normal” but the report noted a “very dense stromal pattern,” which reduces the sensitivity of the study for detection of cancer. The radiologist did not recommend an ultrasound and described the mammogram as “normal” in the report to the gynecologist. No follow-up appointment was scheduled. Several months later, the patient scheduled another appointment with the gynecologist when she noticed the breast lump had increased in size. Subsequently, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and scheduled for surgery. Read More.

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