Physician Recommendations Drive Patient Adoption of mHealth Technologies


Despite a majority of health care providers believing mobile applications can help them better understand and manage patients’ medical conditions, only 15 percent are actually discussing these options with patients.

A new survey, conducted by MedPanel, suggests the resources these technologies provide for managing chronic conditions, sharing information and transitioning care could greatly benefit patients.

According to the survey, 86 percent of physicians believe they would have a more complete picture of the patient’s medical condition with the help of mobile apps. While 76 percent believe these technologies would help patients better manage chronic conditions.

Tools like Smart Clinic’s patient-generated compliance reports for medications, procedure preparation and chronic condition management allow health care professionals to have a detailed summary of the patient’s health history since their last appointment and use this information to improve outcomes.

“Mobile health devices and apps are increasingly seen as an essential tool to empower patients to manage their health,” says MedPanel Research Manager Amy Zalatan. “Health care providers are taking notice of their clinical value and could become a valuable marketing channel.”

Technology that improves office workflow and out-of-the office interaction can make the time doctors spend with their patients in person even more valuable – thus improving the doctor-patient relationship. This is why we created Smart Clinic and look forward to seeing how the next generation of healthcare technology can positively contribute to the patient experience.