HIMSS 2015 Round-Up


Slainte-Healthcare-HIMSS-Chicago-2015Last week was the annual HIMSS Conference in Chicago – which saw over 40,000 attendees this year (up from just over 5,000 last year). It’s definitely the biggest Health IT even of the year and we’ve put together the following recap of headlines from our favorite online sources:


  • A key theme of this year’s conference was “interoperability” – with companies talking to each other about how to partner and share alliances for data exchange, population health, patient engagement, and analytics.


  • The HIMSS Leadership Survey results are in and found that:
    • 72% believe patient engagement, satisfaction and quality of care would be the business issue that would most impact their organization over the course of the next two years.
    • 68% said their organization was already using IT to successfully improve the prong of the Triple Aim related to improving the health experience, including both quality of care and patient satisfaction.
    • 87% reported their organization provided a patient portal through which patients can access information.
    • “Respondents reported that both their Boards of Directors and their executive leadership teams were more likely to favor technology that had been tested at another organization than technology that was on the bleeding edge.”
    • About two-thirds of respondents indicated that their organization would increase their IT operating budget in the next year.


  • 31% of providers offer their patients “organization-specific apps” to boost interaction – and a whopping 90% of the 238 providers surveyed use mHealth for their patient engagement activities.


  • There was an “uprising against the plan to ease the only part of Meaningful Use Stage 2 that hospitals and doctors don’t have direct control over: the requirement that at least 5 percent of patients ‘view, download or transmit’ their records through a portal or personal health record.”



  • IBM announced Watson Health to help the healthcare industry make sense of big data, partnering with Apple, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic.



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