Healthcare and Smartphones


smart-cell-phone-istock-300x168We all know that smartphone adoption is on the rise throughout the world – especially in healthcare. In fact, 70% of adults in the United States currently own a smartphone. And many of them also own a tablet or similar mobile device, which also run smartphone OS like iOS and Android.


A piece over on the Healthcare Blog talks about the increased adoption of smartphones in healthcare in advance of HiMMS 2015 this week. So here are three key things to keep in mind when integrating smartphones and mHealth solutions into your practice:


  • Make sure your solution is scalable: “if it can’t scale to your needs, it’s not worth your time or financial investment.”


  • Make sure it’s sustainable: “Deploying and maintaining applications is time-intensive, and mobile device management requires a precise process to ensure your solution is secure. Be sure you sign up with a partner that can commit to a long-term relationship rather than a “one go-live stand.”


  • Make sure it’s substantiated and do your research: “Before entering into an agreement, ask for five or ten reference sites, and check them out thoroughly to ensure the smartphone solution fits your specific needs.”


These are all things we like keep in mind while developing and improving Smart Clinic. We hope our references and hard work can speak for themselves and be of value to your practice (and your patients’ smartphones).


If you’re interested in learning more about how we can improve your practice, schedule a demonstration!