The Future of Healthcare Innovation, Data Security & Engagement


ACOs Will Reap the Benefits of Big Data in HealthcareWe really enjoyed reading this piece over on the Electronic Healthcare Reporter about the future of healthcare innovation – especially as we look towards HiMSS 2015 in Chicago next week.


The article features several healthcare executives who are participating in the HiMSS conference next week and seeks to find out what some of the likely trends and hot topics are in healthcare technology. Following are some highlights from the full article:



  • Future innovations in health IT, big data in particular, will focus on the aggregation and transformation of patient data into actionable knowledge that can improve patient and financial outcomes.
  • Today, many healthcare organizations are looking to the future and considering gamification as a way to increase employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity as well as to align their behavior with larger business goals
  • As mobile becomes a reality for the healthcare industry, CIOs and decision makers must consider the impact it will have and have a proper plan in place for adopting such technology in the future. The healthcare industry must continue to embrace innovation to improve efficiency and the overall quality of patient care.


Patient Engagement

  • The future of patient engagement is technology being used to amplify healthcare resources to guide and support patients on a more continuous basis, addressing the emotional/relational as much as the informational/clinical needs of patients.
  • At the end of the day, the question becomes, what is the patient’s role in maintaining their health and how can the industry best support them?
  • Healthcare needs to match the convenience of interactions with the banking, travel, and retail industries.
  • Consumers need better, more transparent information about the cost and the value of the care they receive, as they bear more of the costs.
  • Infusing records with genomic data, behavioral data, data from wearables and sensors, and data from personal analytics and education will make health information more engaging.


Healthcare Security & Big Data

  • When strong information management is backed by a reliable technology infrastructure healthcare organizations are on their way to achieving information mobility, the ability to move information throughout an organization, regardless of whether that format is paper or digital. Having proper privacy and security measures in place is a critical step in this process.
  • Now providers are starting to integrate external sources such as clinical benchmarks, vaccine and prescription usage and effectiveness, and even data collected from new clinical trials. This data is changing the way doctors provide care as it enables them to spot trends or best practices and adapt the way they treat patients.



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