Improving Patients’ Experience in Healthcare


mhealthPart of the reason why we developed Smart Clinic was to enhance people’s experiences when they’re interacting with the healthcare system. We do this by taking advantage of new technology (like the smart phone) and really focusing on some of the key pieces of the patient (and provider) experience – like procedure prep, education, medication adherence, scheduling, etc.


And we know we’re not alone in trying to solve these problems and make the healthcare experience better for all involved – especially by adopting and pushing for new technology.


We’ve recently found a great organization called the Beryl Institute. Its purpose is to “… create a dynamic space for members to convene, engage and contribute to elevating, expanding and enriching the global dialogue on improving the patient experience.”


What a great goal – and it aligns very closely with what we’re trying to do here at Smart Clinic. If you’d like a resource for patient experience data, case studies and more, make sure to explore its vast content library and blog.


For example, their latest guest blog post talks about how focusing on patient experience builds equity for your brand:


“An expert on patient experience development and cultural transformation, Jake Poore of Integrated Loyalty Systems, says: ‘Many providers today feel like they are set up to fail. With the pressures of new requirements, tools and processes for documentation (EMRs) and having to see 10-30% more patients than last year just to make the same productivity or revenue, they feel like they are literally running ‘on the daily gerbil wheel.’ When you add the fact that most patient clinic appointments are in 15 minute windows, you have a perfect storm: The last thing on a provider’s mind is patient satisfaction or survey results.’


What is the root cause? Poore suggests a misalignment of priorities between what healthcare organizations measure, reward and hold accountable and the priorities patients expect from their caregivers. When Poore and his team ask healthcare leaders, providers and staff to identify the top 4 most important operational priorities and prioritize them in order, they say: #1. productivity, #2. competency, #3. safety, and #4, courtesy.“


The Beryl Institute is also hosting an upcoming Patient Experience Conference in Dallas, April 8-10. The purpose of this conference is to “… bring together the collective voices of healthcare professionals across the globe to convene, engage and expand the dialogue on improving patient experience. At this interactive conference, you will identify strategies and discover solutions to help start your journey, or to advance your program to the next level.”


Will you be attending? Let us know! And keep your eyes peeled for some Smart Clinic content over at the Beryl Institute!


One last thing – we are excited about our upcoming March 31 webinar on the importance of patient surveys. We hope you can join us!