Is mHealth a Health IT Disruptor?


mhealth securityOne of the key aspects of Health IT that differs from other companies and industries is the absolute need for data security – especially of patient information. So convincing organizations to disrupt, or change their policies and procedures, is not an easy task.

We found this article over on Electronic Health Reporter that interviews some of the leaders in the Health IT world. They talk about some of the things that can help new technology become adopted throughout the healthcare industry.

Some of the key takeaways for what Health IT leaders are looking for include:

  • Any new technology must demonstrate value for patients and healthcare workers.
  • Reduce costs and improve operations – from patient data to legal and financial documents
  • Apps that can share APIs and work together will be the most successful – under one platform that is secure and standardized. Perhaps something like Health Level 7 can help set international data standards?
  • Clinical software needs to become more of a priority as most software focuses on administrative and clerical tasks.
  • A user experience that’s designed to meet real-time needs in the hospital or doctor’s office can go a long way.
  • Data and features that are customized to support individual patients and not just fit them into national trends.
  • Hospitals demand flexibility – with staffs, vendors, etc. Technology needs to be the same way so we’re not stuck in antiquated EHR systems. This really relates back to open APIs and a shared tech ecosystem.


Smart Clinic is a great tool for patient engagement and education – and it really meets a lot of the criteria the interviewed Health IT leaders are looking for!


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