Why 2015 is the Year to Improve Office Workflow


83405703__1_Even if you’ve always “done it this way,” the time has come to re-evaluate your office’s workflows. Are they really as efficient as they could be?

Sure, it may seem impossible to take the time necessary to find and fix workflow inefficiencies, but every office can find places where they can improve to cut overhead, increase patient satisfaction, strengthen communication and reduce redundant tasks and errors.

How much profit is your practice losing because of patient no-shows? How many of your staff members do the same job in different ways? How many of your patients leave your practice frustrated or confused?

The answers to these questions will certainly vary, but aiming for improvement through technology should be every practice’s goal in 2015.

“Research shows that automation is able to improve the quality and safety of care delivered by healthcare facilities. Recent advances in automation have the potential to improve all aspects of healthcare delivery, from diagnosis and treatment to administration and billing,” according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Although the benefits of workflow automation have been proven, the average practice is still slow to embrace new technologies and solutions. mHealth technology helps streamline workflow processes, in turn oiling the cogs to make the entire practice more successful.

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